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Journalist. Food Writer. Producer.

There is something magical about a having a story being told: not read, not written, but told.

I love every part of telling a story through audio: the capturing of tape, the construction of the narrative, and especially the editing.  

I've been producing pieces for radio since 2004, when a producer at CBC Radio in Halifax took a chance on me and gave me twenty-four minutes of airtime in the Maritimes on a Sunday Morning. That was my first documentary, and those 24 minutes ended up being syndicated nationally. I've been in love with producing radio ever since. 

In 2012, I started producing a segment called Assis Toi for CBC Radio's  Information Morning, a morning show here in Nova Scotia.  Assis Toi now has four seasons under its belt, and the last two have been broadcast throughout the Maritimes on various CBC Radio morning shows.  Unfortunately, not all of the shows have been archives online. However, you can listen to the episodes from 2015 and 2014.

I also recently had the opportunity to do some work with the Southern Foodways Alliance for their podcast, called Gravy. You can take a listen here. 

Look for the tag Radio throughout my website for blog posts and more about recent audio excursions.